Published: 4/25/18

LostBorderline is a pixel perfect hack & slash "puzzle-crawler" where the boundaries of reality are broken, giving you creative control over the sides of the screen. It's the Legend of Zelda meets Asteroids! 


Team Lead

I lead a ragtag group of 16 students in development on this project. We began development in Fall of 2017 with a release date of Spring 2018. As team lead, I create and maintain the project backlog by utilizing Trello and a sharable Game Design Document and asset list. I prioritize each sprint's tasks and allocate hours of effort based on Scrum methodology. I facilitate team sprint stand up meetings and deliver product status updates. Leading by example, I encourage cross-discipline communication and feedback.


I have taken on the additional role of Designer on this project, designing 1/4 of the game's dungeon chambers and two enemy types. I created the trailer and other marketing materials to be distributed on social media platforms. Out of necessity, I have gained experience on this project in QA and game's user research. 


PigeonCube Studios is based in Salt Lake City, Utah.