Published: Steam Early Access

FLEX is a fast and versatile figure reference tool designed for all types of creatives. Quickly customize, pose, light, and capture reference of a male or female character for illustration, storyboarding, architectural visualizations, and more.

Flex - Figure Reference Trailer
Flex - Figure Reference Trailer


FLEX - Figure Reference has been my first experience producing for software. Developed by a team of two, I wore many hats during and post production, hence the Producer+ title! Built on a cutting edge character creation platform, FLEX provides users with the same avatar customization of video games combined with powerful figure posing tools. My familiarity with the 3D modeling and animation pipelines allowed me to work effectively on this project, both a producer and while performing UX, competition analysis, publishing, marketing, and community management.   


I performed both usability and user focused testing across multiple platforms, identifying both technological and design problems while providing informed solutions. I prepared a competition analysis, which provided a benchmark for desired features, platforms, and pricing, which allowed us to set FLEX apart from its competitors. I have worked on the app home and Steam Store pages, and continue to support them through publishing. Through Early Access and post official launch, I will run FLEX's marketing campaign via social media profiles and community engagement.  


The Dada Factory is based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Follow our development!

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