Published: 3/6/20

As an aesthetic experience in exploration, players glide through an abstract microcosm as Sono, aiding his search for his scattered fragments of sound. Designed for alt.ctrl.GDC, a unique turntable controller allows players groove and flow to their own tune.


Video Game Designer

Let me introduce myself.


My name is Emilee with two e's, but you probably figured that out. Smart cookie... Anyway, I am a video game designer! I have XP in game development from pre-production to publishing with small and large sized teams in both video and tabletop games. I am currently located in Salt Lake City, Utah. I have an interest in developing games that make innovations in immersive narratology and attempt to explore universal human struggles and experiences. I've always had a love for video games, but I've come to find a bigger love for the people who make them.  

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